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L’Arlésienne is a French publisher specialized in digital books, created by authors in 2014. Since March 2015, L’Arlésienne has published short stories and Noir collections, as well as Fantasy or general literature. The prices are made to match everyone’s purse, so literature can be accessible to the largest audience.


Our works are available in EPUB and PDF format on Kindle, Apple, Kobo and other media. It is also possible to print them. Our short stories can be received by compulsive and casual readers, shy ones, travellers, country bumpkins and city folks, smartphone enthusiasts who dislike reading more than 5 pages a day, curious and open-minded people, literature lovers, good stories fanatics, poor victims of public transport delay, drivers stuck in traffic jams, ninja-octopuses, students stuck in boring classes, readers who fall asleep after reading 7 pages, burger people, lads and lass who seek to be surprised by a good ending. Everyone can find happiness with our stories.


Are you reluctant to buy an unknown writer’s work? No worries! You can also read our stories in free streaming thanks to Youboox, or with a subscription to Youscribe. Authors are paid by advertising and/or subscription.


L’Arlésienne aim to publish sensitive stories, with originality, surprising stories, written by passionate authors. Our texts might be short, but they will beam you to another world faster than good old Scottie! 


Ready to take the leap? So, no more hesitation, and turn this page!