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The Canigou, by Lucille Cottin

ebook in english, french, france, l'arlésienne, arlesian, ebook, publishing houseIn the Pyrenees lurks a dreadful beast called the Canigou. When hikers go near its den, they end up murdered, despite Clothilde’s warnings. Unhappy with Clothilde tendency to try saving lives, the creature antagonize Clothilde, hoping to end its rival. Will Clothilde survive her encounter with the monster ?
With « The Canigou », Lucille Cottin manage to create, within a few pages, a truly horrific atmosphere.

It was a dreary winter’s day, as here there have been so many. The sun hid behind the pale sky which reflected the endless snow covered ground. Sometimes the winds howled through the mountains carrying distant screams. My days grew dark.

My name is Clothilde Lagrange. I am thirty-nine. I am a very sick woman, devoured by loneliness and « a very serious tuberculosis ». Following my diagnosis, my husband didn’t wait to send me to our home in the Pyrenees, a much better place than a sanatorium. I’ve never felt at ease in this spooky house. Surrounded by an everlasting winter, I feel like if I was living in a tomb. But after all, what this villa really is? – my last dwelling, for eternity.

To be completely honest, if I have been sent there, it was for nothing else than to get rid of me. My mother-in-law was always telling me: « Clothilde, my son is worried because of you and you scare your children! » Indeed, they were not afraid for me, but for themselves: they feared the risk of contracting my disease. Then they chose to send me to my death… Now, I have only three options: suicide, illness or murder.



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Lucille Cottin is born in 1988, in Metz, France. At an early age, she immerses herself into the world of books and comics. She also draws and creates lots of characters.

In middle school, she takes part in an artistic class (way better than sporting class in her opinion). Naturally, she invests herself into art in high school, but her father does not wish for her to follow that path.

Lucille then joins the university of Nancy but is unsatisfied with the school’s curriculum. She moves to the university of Lorient, then the university of Angers to study writing and publishing.

She wrote her first novel in middle school, before writing fictional diaries. She keeps up the writing in university with new novels and short stories, more suited to her personality and style.

Beside literature, she likes drawing and photography. She illustrated many stories for L’Arlésienne, such as Ségolène Roudot’s short stories, or more recently, Morgane Franck’s La femme de M. Anderson.

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